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In a video released by the Interior Design Magazine featuring a recent interview with experienced designer, Pamela Babey, Babey shares some of her thoughts on today’s trends in residential and hospitality design, and also some advice for young designers. She gives some good industry insights and perspective, but more than that, offers a challenging take-away designed to shake things up in the creative realm.

Throughout the interview, she sticks with a theme of “originality” in design. She mentions that her firm continually employs skilled artisans to do hand-designed pieces (like ours) for her clients , giving them a special and unusual flair for each room. She suggests that young designers should work hard to create sophisticated and individual solutions, rather than flipping through magazines. She ends the interview by saying, “Don’t look always to the internet,” and leaves us with that challenge to dig deeper for design inspiration.

Portrait of a concentrated designer

For those who have grown up around computers, it definitely becomes almost second nature to scrounge for answers to our questions–for solutions to our dilemmas–for ideas to aid our lack of ideas–via the magazines or the internet. We consume so much information daily and are constantly downloading it into our brains. We wear ourselves out sifting through loads of new information and too often forget to let our memory, imagination, problem-solving skills, and personality time to come together for an answer.

Following Pamela Babey’s challenge, we’ll leave you with one of our own. Next time you have a question, let it sit unanswered. Write it down and let your mind come up with solutions. You might want to draw or write out your thoughts–just let them come freely. The answers you come up with may not be right–and they may not even sound practical–but you may find you enjoy the grueling process of thinking and may even surprise yourself with your results!

Source: “60 Seconds with Pamela Babey”

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