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Welcome! You have now arrived at your destination.

Welcome! This is the first of many posts from the crew here at Bauer International Purveyors. We’re so glad you could join us as we take a journey–a safari, if you will–into the mysteries of the industry, the nuances of the trade, and the intrigues of the cultures that have inspired our most popular designs.

If you’re not familiar with us, let me just start with an introduction. We’re a 22-year-old furnishings importer company focused on providing luxury furnishings to the golf, hospitality and residential industries. What first began as a passion for high-quality living and a taste of exotic culture, soon birthed a design portfolio full of furnishings, fixtures, and accessories, that would later turn into the enterprise that Bauer International Purveyors represents today.

During his twenty years with the company, our founder, Ken Bauer, deposited a vat of passion into the company for exploration as a way of life, and design as a means to inspire. He traveled the world, studied the world, and adopted the world into his world.

Today, we have the opportunity and privilege to carry on this passion, doing business with the finest golf clubs, resorts and residences from all over the world. If you haven’t already, we invite you to explore our collections for yourself, and to rediscover your taste for the world outside of your own.

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The Art of the Escape

Have you ever thought about the beauty of escape? In the Western culture especially, we have associated this word to mean a gorgeous getaway or retreat. Fortunately, when we use the word “escape” we do not usually mean that we need to escape a physical attack (although we may want to escape bad circumstances), but most frequently we mean we just need a break.


We live in a world of demands and many moving pieces. The “grand escape” many dream of involves warm weather, beautiful scenery, delightful food, refreshing drinks, peace and quiet for an extending amount of time. Many times, especially in busy communities, these elements are required for a good escape, but we should not always force ourselves to wait for the opportunity to take off work and actually travel just to experience it.

Do you have a room in your home away from the noise of everyday life? At Bauer International, we believe that furniture and decor can effectively contribute to an environment of escape. Why not create a room in your house that helps you feel like you’re in a different time and place – where you can forget the demands of life and once again remember the joys of life?

little palm island

In this picture above of a room at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, observe how the lighting, fresh flowers, and the image of an open sky gives the room such a relaxing feel. You don’t have to decorate in a tropical theme and you do not need a huge space (check out the pictures below of other theme ideas), but it should look and feel different (and better) than what you experience during your typical work day.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Share your “Getaway Room” ideas in the comments below!

Merchandising Your T-Stand

Need some tips for displaying merchandise on your T-stand? Not a problem. With the adjustable arms and small footprint in your store, you can really make it work anywhere. We’ve gathered a few tips from our 20 years experience in the store fixture industry that might help improve your current T-stand displays and command more eyes to your featured merchandise.

Spyglass Men's 01 2012

Spyglass Hill Golf Shop | Pebble Beach, CA

First of all, find that attention-grabber. This varies for different consumers, so you want to consider your target demographic. As a general rule, though, think seasonal, complex, and trendy. Of course, you can always dress up your feature piece with accessories to add more “wow”.

Secondly, pair the attention-grabber with a complimentary piece–the peanut butter to the jelly–the potatoes to the steak. You definitely want something simple in color and texture and contrasting in color and size. If the attention grabber is the shirt, then add pants, shorts or perhaps a vest to the opposite side. This gives the t-stand balance and a strong identity at any angle.

Next, adjust the arms of the t-stand to fit the length of the items and the focal point. To put it simply: keep the arms around shoulder level of your average client. You will not want your customers to have to look up or down while they’re passing your T-stand. Also, for practical and visual purposes, keep the levels within two notches of each other. If not, your display will have too much wasted space and will look empty.


The Polo Club Golf Shop | Boca Raton, FL

Finally,  T-stands look great near fixtures like nesting tables or cabinets where the merchandise folds instead of hangs. This provides a dynamic and balanced shopping experience.

If you have any other tips for T-stand displays, please share your thoughts below! You can also check out more great tips about lighting, color, and balance at “Visual Merchandising 101” on

Intrinsic Design

In a video released by the Interior Design Magazine featuring a recent interview with experienced designer, Pamela Babey, Babey shares some of her thoughts on today’s trends in residential and hospitality design, and also some advice for young designers. She gives some good industry insights and perspective, but more than that, offers a challenging take-away designed to shake things up in the creative realm.

Throughout the interview, she sticks with a theme of “originality” in design. She mentions that her firm continually employs skilled artisans to do hand-designed pieces (like ours) for her clients , giving them a special and unusual flair for each room. She suggests that young designers should work hard to create sophisticated and individual solutions, rather than flipping through magazines. She ends the interview by saying, “Don’t look always to the internet,” and leaves us with that challenge to dig deeper for design inspiration.

Portrait of a concentrated designer

For those who have grown up around computers, it definitely becomes almost second nature to scrounge for answers to our questions–for solutions to our dilemmas–for ideas to aid our lack of ideas–via the magazines or the internet. We consume so much information daily and are constantly downloading it into our brains. We wear ourselves out sifting through loads of new information and too often forget to let our memory, imagination, problem-solving skills, and personality time to come together for an answer.

Following Pamela Babey’s challenge, we’ll leave you with one of our own. Next time you have a question, let it sit unanswered. Write it down and let your mind come up with solutions. You might want to draw or write out your thoughts–just let them come freely. The answers you come up with may not be right–and they may not even sound practical–but you may find you enjoy the grueling process of thinking and may even surprise yourself with your results!

Source: “60 Seconds with Pamela Babey”

Your Present Adventure

“Adventure waits for no one.”

-Quote from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


If you’re anything like me, you dream of the great escape–the glorious adventure–the undisturbed vacation engrossed in beauty. I like to imagine a life filled with long mornings in a quaint and charming bed-and-breakfast with a view, a save-the-world kind of mission with all the right gadgets, and the opportunity to experience different cultures while traveling the world! All this, I want to experience while not tied down by the limits common to our experience as responsible adults.

I’m sure all of the great adventurers at some point experienced limits, obligations, and constraints before they set out on their life of adventure. How does one begin to create a life of adventure out of a busy, demanding and scheduled-out life? As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  At the core of it, adventure means experiencing life at its deepest possible level with each moment. Adventure happens when we choose to live, not when we live just to get though.

Start your Adventure today:

  1. Say No: Sometimes, our schedule needs to change before our life can change. You know what feeds your passion and what drains it.  Re-evaluate where you spend your time, energy and resources. Even the small things could make a big difference here.
  2. New Eyes:  “Most of us lead far more meaningful lives than we know. Often finding meaning is not about doing things differently; it is about seeing familiar things in new ways.” -Rachel Naomi Remen. What opportunities do you have in your life now that you can use as leverage for growth?
  3. Try Something Different: Maybe you do need something new in your life.
    1. Eat at a restaurant you wouldn’t normally visit or try a new recipe with ingredients you’ve never used!
    2. Take a drive to a city you don’t frequent often and explore everything!
    3. Redecorate!: Whether your own appearance or your surroundings, what you and others see in your life can affect the way you live. Choose a theme outside of your normal style. You may need an update with a more modern look or maybe a richer and more vintage look (perhaps you would like to check out our British colonial furnishings collection here!). Surround yourself with what inspires you.
  4. Turn Off GPS: Let yourself get lost. Or, as Amy Poehler says, “Do something before you know you’re ready.” Yes, you might mess up, but you also might learn something you could never have learned otherwise.

What else comes to mind when you think of an adventurous life? What stories do you have that might inspire others? Please feel free to leave a comment with some of your best advice/stories!

Avoid Installation Turbulence

Pulling from our years (and years) of experience with fixture installation, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make your installation day smooth sailing!

Location, Location, Location: Depending on the number and type of fixtures in your order, you will probably already have discussed the location for the fixtures. Your supplier may even have discussed and sent you a space plan outlining the exact future locations for the new fixtures.  Here’s a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind and communicate with your supplier, (preferably before they send the proposed layout):

  • Electrical Outlets
  • Fire Alarm
  • Light Switches
  • Thermometers
  • Mounted TV’s

That Way–No, This Way: You may already have a plan for the location of the displays, but don’t forget about the structure of the display. Many of our fixtures have movable arms, bars and shelves. More complex fixtures, like our Slat Wall Cabinet come with the option of either waterfall bars (cascading) or face-out bars and adjustable shelves. If you want to display a shoe, you will want to include a shoe shelf in the order–or a few pegs for hanging gloves, ties, or socks. Making these decisions beforehand can help you open your store with a bang!

adventures in paradise

Incoming! Sometimes, the last thing people think about is one of the most important questions: How will the installers get the fixtures in the building?  Your fixtures will more than likely on a box or straight truck and the suppliers will need to find a safe and convenient entrance for loading. Giving special instructions to your installers can save precious time and sanity. Let the installers know before they arrive if you have a special service entrance, if they need a code for access, or if you have any special requests for when they arrive. If your building has not yet finished construction, ensure that nothing blocks the parking lot and that any rocky areas have been smoothed out to prevent damage.