The Art of the Escape

Have you ever thought about the beauty of escape? In the Western culture especially, we have associated this word to mean a gorgeous getaway or retreat. Fortunately, when we use the word “escape” we do not usually mean that we need to escape a physical attack (although we may want to escape bad circumstances), but most frequently we mean we just need a break.


We live in a world of demands and many moving pieces. The “grand escape” many dream of involves warm weather, beautiful scenery, delightful food, refreshing drinks, peace and quiet for an extending amount of time. Many times, especially in busy communities, these elements are required for a good escape, but we should not always force ourselves to wait for the opportunity to take off work and actually travel just to experience it.

Do you have a room in your home away from the noise of everyday life? At Bauer International, we believe that furniture and decor can effectively contribute to an environment of escape. Why not create a room in your house that helps you feel like you’re in a different time and place – where you can forget the demands of life and once again remember the joys of life?

little palm island

In this picture above of a room at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, observe how the lighting, fresh flowers, and the image of an open sky gives the room such a relaxing feel. You don’t have to decorate in a tropical theme and you do not need a huge space (check out the pictures below of other theme ideas), but it should look and feel different (and better) than what you experience during your typical work day.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Share your “Getaway Room” ideas in the comments below!

I Can go Anywhere

The song from the kids reading show, “Reading Rainbow”, comes to mind today. The lyrics, “I can go anywhere…I can be anything…Take a look, it’s in a book” made for a very inspiring and catchy introduction to each episode.

After many Saturday mornings of watching the show as a child,  the core message of this jingle stuck with me. Now, whenever I think of travel, I have to consider not only physical travel, but also imaginative travel: where my mind goes.  Travel, by definition, means “the coming and going of persons or conveyances along a way of passage” (Thank you To my point, a book can make for a very quick passage to distant lands, through the vehicle of the mind. 

Now, what does that have to do with furniture? At Bauer International, we stake our success on the belief that our furnishings bring a certain transformational value to a physical space.  “Where does this value come from?” you may ask. Similar to books, we like to think of our furnishings as individual ways of passages–a means for travel, but without physical movement.


When we add this Planter’s Cupboard, for instance, to a room, our minds immediately make an attempt to categorize, describe, and/or make opinions about the item. Depending on how long we study the object, we might begin to draw out images from our memory–like a movie we saw once that had furniture in room with similar style, or of a time period that we’ve seen in pictures, or of a friend or relative who has a similar piece. Now, I might be dramatizing the effect slightly here, but to stick with the point, the decor of a room can really take you places–if you allow your mind to go.

To conclude this post, as the show’s star, LeVar Burton would conclude each episode of his show, “Don’t take my word for it!”  We encourage you to discover for yourself where and how you can travel today. Oh the possibilities!

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